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Recommended Offshore Books

This is by no means a complete list of trustworthy books available. The ones listed below however have clean records in the online forums and watchdog sites and I have dealt with them problem free for years. I've also tried to use books that tend towards some differences in lines. Too many books, especially smaller ones, tend to simply monitor the prices and keep their lines at the safest levels. Having several outs of this type is of course almost worthless. The books on my list are ones that appear to believe in their own numbers and do not just move the line because everyone else has.

Others will be added over time but here's a selection to get you started.


If you only have one offshore book this should be it! Even the best of the other choices rate well below Pinnacle. Here's a list of some of the pluses -

To open your account click here PinnacleSports



Cris, located in beautiful Costa Rica, is one of the oldest and highest respected books in the offshore industry. Provides a lot of options, such as 60 minutes 1x2 lines for hockey, that are not available at other books. This book is also usually the first to put out lines for the next day's games.

To open your account click here BetCris


Skybook Sportsbook

Skybook offers an excellent gimmick which makes them a worthwhile extra out to have available. For baskets and football Skybet will add a half point on to every pointspread wager. There are some restrictions : not on/off 3/7 in football, max bet to win $500 football, $300 basketball. You just make the wager and when the confirmation screen comes up you'll find that the Nba game you were betting at -4 is now -3.5. It's that easy. When looking to protect your proline wager that extra half point can be very valuable!

To open your account click here Skybook

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