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Setting Up Your Offshore Account

Transferring money to and from

Probably the problems of transferring cash to an overseas bookie puts a lot of people off the whole concept. Most books will offer a wide a wide variety of deposit methods. Western Union, credit cards, bank wire transfers and numerous online banking services. Different options are available for payouts as well. Be warned that credit cards although convienent at first glance usually come with hidden charges. Also most books will want you to fax over documents and scans of the credit card at a later date. The apparent convience soon turns into extra annoyances.


Selecting a book

Browsing internet sports sites will give you tons of options for chosing an offshore book. Many offering great bonuses and endorsed by well know sports personalities. Be very careful. I would rate only a small percentage of these books as being dependable enough to send money to. Even some of the large companies which have been around for years have shown themselves to not be trustworthy! I know of one company that stiffed me personally for about 10K twelve years ago is still operating to this day out of Ireland (English Sports Betting, aka ESB, aka Telebet).

Some help is available in this area from several offshore watchdog sites. Even then some caution is required as these sites have also been accused of shading their evaluations due to advertising revenue. Also be careful as some sites on the net appearing to be watchdog sites are actually fronts for the book they recommend!

If you belong to an online forum checking with the posters there is usually a good way to get a list of the most reputable firms.

In the next section of this guide I've included a list of offshore books that I recommend. I deal with these sites myself and consider them totally trustworthy. I do have a referral arrangement with them so if you want to help me out, just go to the site from the links provided when you open your account. The link contains information showing the referring site and I'll get credit for the referral.

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