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I was doing my daily rounds on Facebook the other day when I came across this story. My sister inlaw boyfriend responded to a racist comment towards changing Victoria day to First peoples day. I hope Dan Peters written notes can open some peoples minds, and educate some folks on some truths. If, anything it's a very interesting read for the dog days of summer when the edges suck moose balls. :o

Also if anyone is interested in checking out the beautiful Christian Island where I live. Heres a link. Christian island is home to many cottagers for the spring, summer, fall seasons. Yes, we do have a Olg terminal here on the island ;)

Here's the link to the full story, I suggest clicking on the link, and reading it as it was meant to be read. It does it justice to see what this idiot wrote. ... 1043736134

I can only hope for a better tomorrow by showing the door.
by Dan Peters (Notes) on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at 4:13pm...

The other day I noticed a status update in my News Feed. It was in regards to the proposed idea to change the Victoria Day holiday name to Victoria and First People's Day. To be honest I never heard of that idea before the post. What had gotten my attention was this:

This received 5 likes? Seriously?

My initial reaction was FUCK THIS GUY!! But he has the right to feel that way and shortly after that emotion I thought he really hasn't been shown the true history. It's like where do I stand, how do I approach this kind of statement? What I had discovered is that many of us do not know the full story on either side of the fence, whether we have been on both sides before or not. This statement is full of stereotypes and wrong, just absolutely wrong to generalize a whole race, a whole nation of people based on an article, which those mentioned a 1/5th of the ones pushing for it are first nations.

That is less than half, and on that note I ask, how many call it MAY 2-4 As opposed to Victoria Day? Or do you recognize it as the birthday celebration of Queen Victoria and call it such? I for one am sick of the political correctness that we as a society live in. Like we can't hurt each others feelings without calling it bullying when sometimes it's frustration of what is no longer allowed or deemed fit for society. I had shared this topic with just about every native on my FB list and that took a long time to do and not everyone responded. This is a result of political correctness going too far. People are sick of it, and with good cause because we can’t do anything without being insensitive or hurting someone in the process. Personally I have decided to boycott Holidays because I believe it is a way to control people like it HAS TO BE THIS WAY, to celebrate this day because it's tradition. because why? We are only taught to believe and not question. That is a problem we all need to deal with. I give up on holidays because they do nothing for me. That doesn't mean that others can't celebrate though they can do whatever they want. Most natives feel we have enough recognition in the mainstream but do not have a full understanding of where we are in the country. There are some outlets that want to continue to divide people by race and culture, and for me, I do not need to participate in other cultures, but just understand and respect them.

The bottom comment is also misinformed

The ones who responded, the reactions were split, some were FUCK THIS GUY!! HE DESERVES TO GET BEAT DOWN! Anger is justified reading such a statement and I think that he is just looking for an angered reaction to make himself feel good about his own person. We all deserve to catch a break from time to time. Violence will only create other problems and it is a distraction to the main problems. Thanks for 1812 he mentions, what about WW1 WW2, natives who continue to serve today? During those times there were many native veterans who were given medals during service. Many natives who fought side by side with the White man. There were many natives who served because they gave their word that they would and they did just that. Honored their word and is all natives ask the Canadian government to do in return. Honor their word. Personally if I didn’t discover that war is created to make banks rich by funding both sides I would have a different stance on serving in the military. I tip my hat to those that have served, and some of those were people I grew up with and hung around, I know natives did more than help in The War of 1812 they helped in every war Canada was a part of.

Some were HE SERIOUSLY NEEDS AN EDUCATION, but this guy has stated that he did well in history class. That is great news because there is more to the story and he should be able to understand it. But what does history tell us about natives? That we get free stuff for being native, and we as natives are lazy and uneducated. We're drunks we're losers; we're a burden on society. Now how many of you that is native read that and thought that is some pure bullshit. That is so not the story that I have lived and that is a generalization that has gotten out of hand. I find it hard to believe that people still think like that that most natives are low lives. Truth is, is that there are people like that throughout any race of people. I worked a good portion of my life paying taxes. But how is that? I am native I don't pay taxes? Yes I do and so do many others who live off reserve. What about free education? That was part of a negotiation that was dealt with before my time. If anyone else had that ability to go for post secondary education based on an agreement they would take it. Why would someone hold that against someone else? Why be a crab in a bucket. You know? I was denied my right too, and trust me I wasn't happy about it. I had a plan and it went to shit in a moments notice. For the longest time I was angry about it.

But instead pouting I got another job saved every penny possible to pay for it myself. I worked 50 plus hours a week to get back to school. I am not a one in a million story either. Many natives had to pay their own way and still do, thinking natives get shit for free is absurd and shame on people for thinking that. It's that mentality of all natives have their hands out looking for free-be's. That's not the case, there are many hard working natives out there and I am insulted that people think that way. Unless you see it first hand see a receipt or pay stub or something concrete like that, don't buy into it. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself because that will open a new concept that we’re all getting screwed by our government.

Back in the day there was an agreement created and it was symbolized in the two-row wampum belt, two nations, non-interfering at peace with one another.

There is that one flag some Americans hang up proudly, “Don’t Tread On Me”. That certainly applies here like what the fuck, with the many I had asked about the name change, most didn't know it was being proposed. Attacking a whole general race of people and most don’t even know about it, way to falsely accuse someone without knowing the facts. Some said they agree with it because recognition from the federal government would be a positive step forward. Others ask why change it, why stir up animosity. As it turns out, June 21st isn't a federal recognized holiday. I myself did not even know of Aboriginal Day until I moved further north of Niagara. And as I take it, most in Niagara do not know about it either. It isn't celebrated that much outside of First Nation territory. Maybe at your local first nation's Friendship Centers, but how many people outside of First Nations are aware of their existence? I don't even know where it is in Niagara Falls and I lived there for 15 years. I knew only a few native families there and I was fine with that. I knew where my family was at the time I knew enough about my roots (maybe not all but enough, although I am still learning).

Another thing is “get over it”. Get over what? How native communities are under funded for many social needs, education, health care, dental, infrastructure, and that non natives are given the bill. In comparison natives are heavily underfunded. The notion that Canadian citizen taxes go directly to First Nation's People has to end if we are going to create a positive world for the future. I was told ask what nation taxes another nation? Has anyone heard of that before? One country should come to mind because it is close by… Canada. There is something wrong in the system of working with one another, and it’s not the people of Canada, more like it’s bought and paid for cheating elected politicians.

There was another feeling of WHY BOTHER WITH THIS GUY, or DELETE THIS IGNORANT PRICK. Truthfully I am going to at least attempt to show him that his generalization is so out of date it's holding him back. That is all I want to try to do because even though he may not agree with me there are two sides to every story and sometimes one side gets more attention and doesn't always give full details. For instance when I asked about the name change, I with held the comments made by other natives, and asked about it, and some had told me about bread and cheese day and guess when that is held? Bread and Cheese Day; who would have known? I guess back in the day and to this day, they break bread with one another. I take it also that this guy knows about The Residential Schools and the effects it has had on generations of natives. I imagine he knows what it is like to be taken from your home when you're just a child. I imagine he knows what it is like to be told he is a savage and his way of life is wrong. I imagine he knows what it is like be beaten when speaking his ethnic language. I imagine he knows these things, but if he did know them why would he continue to be upset and stereotype natives as parasites. I imagine he knows what it is like to run away because of the conditions and environment are so horrible running away and the possibility of death may happen but it's better than what I have right now. Sure I myself didn't go through that, I can however relate to being taken away from my home. For some natives when that happens it is for the worse I however was lucky to end up where I did. Some natives end up in foster homes because of their home is not fit, meaning the parents cannot take care of them. Some get put in worse homes, run away and end up dead.

That is unfortunate and I do not have the answer, I was given great advice and told to do things on my own. I was shown the way but I had to do things myself, Option A, or Option B as do we all and we all live with the consequences of those choices. I am sure he knows what it is like to be forced from your land and placed somewhere away from settlers, and need written permission to get supplies (Groceries). There are those that think they are assimilated; they should give up their old ways. But I never knew my traditions after being taken out of my mother's care.I did want to know and I ended up participating, it's like when you are ready nature will show you the way. Maybe not so much fate but when it's time, it's time to learn and know. Things have a way of working their way out. And one thing I understand is that natives are not saying poor me, gimme, gimme, gimme. It's the opposite actually, it's “I am strong independent person, our people have an agreement with each other, we held up our end of the bargain, hold up yours and do not try to hide what actually happened because the truth eventually finds light.”

Before I get ahead of myself I would also like to add there was another opinion that I NEED TO GET A LIFE. Truth is I know who I am I know where I have been. I grew up outside of my reserve; I grew up in Niagara Falls. I have had a job since I was 15 and PAID TAXES.I liked money and learned that students can only make a certain amount then have to pay. I don't know if that makes me lazy (earning too much having to pay the government) or if I fall under that category of being a freeloader. I must be since I am native. And if I am then so must everyone else who is native. I would like to think that breaking down general stereotypes and racism for a better future for all isn't a waste of time. There will be those who will not want to understand and stay closed minded but the consequence about being closed minded is the world becomes smaller as does their critical thinking. There will be that because we need balance like two sides, day and night, fire and water.

There was also another notion that was brought up, THIS GUY MUST BE JEALOUS AND MAD AT HIMSELF!!! That may very well be the case, only he, can answer that. And if that is the case all I can say is that there is help out there. We all stand on our own two feet, we all know how hard life gets but blaming others for their own down falls or short comings is an excuse to stay in the same route. I myself am stuck in that same route. I want to change where I work and I will, I will just have to get used to the change that comes with it and that is what I want for myself. I blame myself though because I need to take the risk. I need to get ready for that change, and only I can do that for myself.

I hate the application of money that forced upon all of us. It divides who we are and creates resentment, it creates poverty, it creates crime, yet we all need the same basics to survive. Air to breathe, water to drink, Food to eat, a place to sleep. The amount of money we make will tell us how much we are able to use of each and if we don't have enough money we will go without. Suffering does not need to occur to anyone but under the monetary system that is the goal for all. I too would be upset if I had to work for my slice of the pie to give some away so someone else could sit on their ass and eat my crust.

Speaking of... I forgot about that little movement called IDLE NO MORE. As much as I appreciate the movement I will go on to say I did not and do follow note for note where it is going. It was good to see people join around the country and stand up to the government selling resources to foreigners. Only the sell out politicians and fat cat CEOs make away like bandits. Leaving the behind the consultation with first nations, which is supposed to happen and destroy the environment along for future generations. What is the problem there? That not only affects treaties but the entire country and possibly the world. From what I have learned is that we all love our oppressors without even thinking about it and swallow dissension like it is our duty. But even still back in the day Natives weren’t even talked about or worried for.

Back in the day, Italians that lived in Canada were the then Terrorists and possible suspects because of the country Italy it’s stance in WW2. There should be some empathy there in knowing what it is like to not be trusted based on ethnicity. Even with Immigration I had no idea where “without papers came” from. A country’s stance does not generalize a whole race of people and it shouldn’t and in my eyes it doesn’t but it did. My own brother and sister are part Italian and it doesn’t make a difference and never will to me. It makes them who they are and I am thankful for that. I have worked with many Italians in Niagara Falls and not one was a racist, most of them were incredibly nice and had the idea of community in mind. In any case we should be on the same wave length there but it shows the government's plan is going accordingly as we are still divided.

Most natives are the same way, sure I met a couple that were assholes, but that was the person not the race. We natives are proud of where we came from, we are affected by the residential schools still. It is not just a singular generation moment, and understanding that, hearing the stories will help open eyes across Canada. Many are moving forward and helping those in need, there is no pity party going on and there are no hands out looking for a free meal. Our communities have problems as does every community does. There is no where that is perfect but we are all working to better ourselves. It doesn't happen over night it takes time and day to day things will get better. Thanks to those who took the time to give info and opinions.

There is also one more opinion and thoughts I would like to share with this guy:
We are Nations. We have always been Nations

We have voluntarily entered into a relationship of friendship and protection with the Crown, which we have for two centuries referred to as the Covenant Chain. In placing ourselves under the Crown’s protection, we gave up none of our internal sovereignty.

We have never concluded any Treaty with the Dominion of Canada, nor have we ever expressly agreed to accept the Dominion of Canada in place of Great Britain as the party responsible under the British obligation to protect us.

We retain the right to choose our own forms of Government.

We retain the right to determine who our citizens are.

We retain the right to control our lands, water and resources.

We retain our rights to those lands which we have not surrendered.

We retain the use of our languages and to practice our religions and to maintain and defend all aspects of our culture.

We retain those rights which we have in Treaties with other Nations, until such time as those Treaties are ended.

We retain the right to choose our own future, as peoples.

The only process known to international law whereby an independent people may yield their sovereignty is either by defeat in war or by voluntary abandonment of it formally evidenced. Our Nations have never yielded our sovereignty by any formal abandonment of it. We have never been conquered in war by any power on earth of which there is a record or tradition

If this guy would like to know I would be more than happy to share just a small brief history of the country of Canada and it’s relationship with First Nations. There are a couple of links that may take some time to check out. It will be here for him should he choose to look for himself.

The Decline and Fall of Canada. Prepare Yourself Accordingly. The entire video is resourceful but key parts of native people start at 31:55

Who Killed Canada?


The 8th Fire ... -fire.html
Canada owes 4% from resources since 1888

Most Canadians harbour myths about aboriginal people: ... eople.html

Were they the enemy?

Italians don't get a holiday? Here pick one celebrate it's your right: ... ?year=2013

As far as getting tax exempt, remember Italians immigrated here... Meaning
to come to a country of which one is not a native, usually for permanent residence. I might suggest starting a religion.

If by chance this changes a person's opinion and gives better understanding then my time was not wasted. If anyone wants to share other opinions and info feel free. If this does nothing to help bring others together, I still tried. I don't mind giving it a shot. This capture below may be a possible outcome....

This was in my news feed not a reply to this note. It was something totally different and I thought, wow. fitting.

Written by Dan Peters

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