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For anyone who plays the sports lottery games offered by the various provincial lottery corporations in Canada, this site is for you!

Strategies, stats, techniques and hot tips for playing and winning at Canada's Sports Lottery Games!


It has been reported that each year on average the Ontario Lottery Corporation earns a profit of about $200 million from it's sports related lottery games. Add to that the profits of the four other provincial lotteries and the money involved is enormous.

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However, unlike other lottery games which are pure chance, the sports lotteries combine chance and skill. It is possible for a skillful sports bettor to win! Many Proline players have won money on a consistent basis. For a few the winnings have run into millions of dollars.

For 99% of the betting public losing at the sports lotteries is almost a certainty because of the very high percentage of the monies bet retained by the lottery coporations. Low payoffs on games produce an overall profit margin of approximately 50% of all wagers for the provinces. However, selective betting can exploit weakness in the system which will vastly improve these odds. We provide stats with a mathematical analysis which can point you in the right direction.


Our predictions are based on analysis of past scores and prediction models. Off-shore lines are monitored to find value plays. These methods have been tested and proven in over 15 years of actual betting.

The odds, predictions and game stats for all provinces are updated constantly throughout the day. Our prediction stats show the probability of each result occurring and calculates the players win-loss expectancy for each proline betting outcome.

Stats and Score Files

For those who would rather do their own analysis and predictions we provide the tools to help. Stats are given for different betting options with computer analysis of the various game options. This can often point out 'sucker bets' which should be avoided at all times and also low 'vig' bets which can provide excellent value potential. Past scores, with the proline odds, for each game are also available to study past results and trends.

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This site is not associated with nor endorsed by any lottery corporation. Please be sure to double check all odds and results with either your lottery's web site or your retailer's online terminal! We are not perfect and mistakes do happen.

Our predictions are provided as suggested betting opportunities only. It should go without saying that no guarantees are made for their accuracy, nor can we be held in any way responsible for any losses which may be incurred.

Gambling can be both fun and profitable. But for many, it can also ruin your life. Be careful!