Proline Parlay Maker

One of the problems faced by proline players is turning our winning plays into parlays that can be bet with the lotteries. Most players use some form of rotation or round-robin to combine their plays. This program takes the rotation concept to a higher level. At its simplest it allows the user to enter a series of plays and then converts those into all possible combinations of parlays. But it does much more. It also calculates the payouts, win probabilities and the ev (edge) for all those parlays. Also it is aware of the rules used by the various lottery corporations and ensures that all the parlays created conform to those. This program has been tested over the last year by the users of The Big Tip proline forum and should be fairly bug free. However please report any problems to me at Report Bugs.


Proline Parlay Maker Screenshot

The use of the program can seem quite confusing and intimitating at first. It does really need a complete user guide and help section. That's just something that I haven't found the time for yet but hopefully will be available soon. But play with the various settings and with a little experimenting the effect of the various options should hopefully be clear.

For now here's a brief explanation to get you started

The first thing you'll want to do is add items to your play list (on the left hand side). In the text area next to the 'Add' buton enter the game number followed by the type of play. For example the following are understood : 39V, 39t, 40o, 42v+, 43h, etc. Plays including both a side and total are also accepted as : 30ut, 31ov+, etc. It is also possible to enter any 2 plays which remain linked together by seperating them with a '-'. For example 30V-31V. One purpose of this could be to create a 'double key'.

Once the play list is created the next step is to enter the proline payouts and game win probabilities. If you're connected to the net and this option has been enabled in the menu bar the payouts should have been filled in for you by the program. If not, you can enter them manually in the approriate text areas. Enter the payouts as whole numbers not decimals : ie 240 not 2.40.

Do the same for what you think the game win probabilities are. The probability should be entered as a percent not as a probability : ie 54.7 not 0.547.

When entering payouts and win probability values for linked plays a shortcut is available for calculating the payouts and probabilities. You can enter two values seperated by the * sign. For example '220 * 200' is accepted as a payout value of 440.

After you've entered the payouts and win probabilities for each game you'll see that the program has also calculated the expected win expectancy (ev, edge) for you. Although the program was primarily designed for users of my site, it is not neccessary that you use the probabilities listed there. In fact it will work fine if you leave the probabilities area blank. But even if you think that the numbers on my site are incorrect for a game you should get into the habit of coming up with your own number and using that.

Kelly betting

I'm not going to go into the the benefits of Kelly or the difficulties involved with applying Kelly to proline betting. The formula used to set Kelly bets (PLP method) is the latest of many that I have come up with over the years in my attempt to apply Kelly to proline bets. I want to stress that this is only intended as a quick approximation of the Kelly method to compensate for the overlapping parlays, and should not be regarded as accurate. This is something I plan to improve in the future.

You'll see that the menu bar has an entry for bankroll and bankroll adjust. The first of these is obvious. The second adjusts the bankroll for the calculation of Kelly wagers by the set amount. For example, using the default values of $10,000 and 0.25, all Kelly bets would be set against a bankroll of $2,500. There are several reasons why I recomend using an adjusted bankroll size. I believe that the Kelly-PLP method probably overshoots the optimal bet sizes. I'll leave it to you to decide what adjustment is called for here. Bear in mind though that it is generally accepted as the wiser course to bet less than Kelly rather than risk overbetting Kelly.

Registered Version

I believe that anyone who is serious about winning at proline will find this a powerful tool. The registered version is available now to all registered members of the web site. To enable the extra features look at the top menu bar under `Help` and then `Register`. Enter your Username and password and the program will check your membership status. Registered users should also read Updates and What's New for a listing of the changes made in Version 1.0.

Install ProlineParlayMaker

Program Install
Name Proline Parlay Maker
Publisher ProlinePlayer
Version June 24, 2021
Prerequistes Windows Installer 4.5, .NET Framework 4.5.2
The program will check to see if the prerequistes are present on your computer. If not you will be redirected to the Microsoft web site and led throught the installation process.
Instructions Clicking on the Install Now button will activate a server program which installs the program directly onto to your computer. If prompted by Windows to Save or Run always select Run. Attempting to save the files to your disk drive for later installation will not work. You must install the program directly from the web site.
The web program which handles the installation is a Microsoft product and as such may not work correctly with non-Microsoft browsers. If you are using Netscape or Firefox and the installation fails try using Microsoft Explorer instead.
Although the vast majority of users have reported no problems with the installation, there have been a few issues for which I have no solution. Older versions of Windows may not function correctly. XP, Vista are fine. Also the program may not display properly with too low a screen resolution (600x800).
After installation a shortcut will be created in the Windows program menu bar in the directory ProlinePlayer.
Important! During the installation process you will probably receive several warnings from Windows warning about the dangers of installing programs from unknown publishers. Just ignore theses and select the option to continue anyways.
Install Now

File Download

A few users have experienced difficulties in installing the program directly from the web site. If this is a problem for you I've provided a zipped copy of the installation files. Do not use this unless it is actually neccessary as this may cause problems with future updates.

Download here - ProlineParlayMaker